What to Expect From A Good Extermination Company

1. Preparation – They will most likely tell you what you need to do to prepare the house, or the area of infection. Sometimes it includes cleaning, clearing, or keeping pets and children out of the way.

2. Punctuality – A good extermination company will have the technician arrive on time. If not, they will call and ask to reschedule, or if it is okay to still come over.

mouse-385095_12803. Professional appearance – Great exterminators should have clean clothing and clean equipment. If they don’t appear clean, neat, and professional, you probably hired the wrong people.

4. Identification – In order to ensure professionalism and comfort, a technician should show you company identification. If they don’t do that, ask. If they get annoyed, or don’t even have identification, you probably hired the wrong people.

5. Communication Before Service – You will have to effectively communicate and show the exterminators where the pest situation is happening. They will ask a variety of questions, such as the type of pests and where they are infesting. In return, the exterminators should effectively communicate to you the treatment they plan to use.

6. Inspect and Identify – The technician will then inspect the areas of the infection, and identify the pest, making sure that what you reported was exactly what was claimed. Treatment plans may change depending on the inspection.

7. Treatment – Based on the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, the technician will use the most appropriate treatment for your situation.

8. After Care – After the treatment, they should explain to you what has been done, why it was done, and how it was done. They should also notify you on any further precautions you must take to prevent future pests.

9. Service Report – A good extermination company will give you a service report, summarizing everything that has been done.

10. Follow Up – Sometimes, there will have to be multiple sessions, depending on the infestation.